Tagliata (Sliced boneless steak)

Tender and juicy sliced beef steak, served with mushrooms cooked in oil, garlic and parsley. A perfect combination to share with family and friends.



200 g mixed mushrooms (porcini, champignon)
600 g boneless beef steak
Coarse salt
1 rosemary spring
1 garlic clove
Extra virgin olive oil Toscano PGI.


Wash and clean the mushrooms, then cut them in small pieces. Heat some olive oil in a pan with garlic and rosemary, then add the mushrooms and sautè them.
Grill the meat on a very hot griddle. Insert a thermometer into the center of the thickest part of the flesh. In order for the meat to be rare the internal temperature must be 54°. When the meat is ready add some coarse salt. Cut the meat into slices and serve the mushrooms as a side dish. Before serving, dress with some extra virgin olive oil Toscano PGI