Consortium for the protection of Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The guarantee of having an authentic and safe product on your table.

Do you want to know who cultivated the olives, who pressed them and who bottled the oil? Insert the capacity of the bottle and the code on the label.


    Recipes with Toscano PGI

    Try the real Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and let yourself be inspired by our proposals!

    Toscano PGI is your ideal ally for cooking thanks to its versatility, the unmistakable and fresh vegetable notes of olive, artichoke or almond, and the typical bitter and spicy taste.

    Toscano PGI will give that extra touch to your creations and it will let you express all your creativity.

    Because “Tuscan oil goes great with everything”!

    Companies with the Toscano PGI brand

    People first

    The Consortium’s strength is that it offers individuals the option to become a member, with the objective of developing their own company and giving value to their oil, while relying on an expanding an association that protects their product.

    Currently, almost 9.000 companies are part of the Consortium, a significant number that confirms the importance of its protection and promotion initiatives. Consumers are learning to know and recognize the Consortium signature: the Tuscan PGI brand, which labels high quality olive oil and elevates the value of producers.

    Discover Tuscan Oil

    Tuscan extra virgin olive oil – a unique heritage of Tuscan landscape and culture, has been protected by the Typical Geographical Indication (PGI) since 1998.

    Each stage of the production of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, from the harvest to the pressing of the olives, to the bottling, must take place within Tuscany, as established in production specifications.

    This is how authentic Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil is born.

    Olive oil ranges from varying shades of intense green when recently pressed, and tends to become pale yellow over the course of time.

    On the nose, the aromas recall green vegetal notes with a round finish. Varying levels of bitter flavor, paired with a spicy sensation, are always present. It is an intense and balanced olive oil and a perfect companion in the kitchen.

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