Black rice with pumpkin and walnuts with Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil

Ingredients for 4 people

300 g black rice
1 small pumpkin
1 medium white onion
10 walnut kernels
2 sausages
50 g grated pecorino
1 sprig of rosemary
Salt and pepper
Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil


Wash the black rice with running cold water and cook it in slightly salted water.
With a pressure cooker it will take around 20 minutes, with a regular pot it will take around 45 minutes on a low heat.
Drain the rice and put it aside.
Cut the upper part of the pumpkin, remove the seeds and scoop the flesh out of it. Remove the flesh gently in order not to break the pumpkin that will be used as a bowl to serve the rice.
Slice the onion and brown it in a pan with some Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil and the rosemary spring. Add the sausages cut in small pieces and the pumpkin flesh.
Remove the rosemary, add salt and pepper and keep browning the mixture for a few minutes until the pumpkin is cooked. Add the rice and the roughly chopped walnut kernels. Then remove it from the fire and add the grated pecorino and pour abundant Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil incorporating it gradually. Put the rice in the pumpkin bowl and serve.