Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil arrives in Milan


Tre bottiglie oliotoscanoigp

Tasting Toscano PGI oil- Cibo a Regola d’Arte

Chef Marco Stabile in cucina

Marco Stabile-Executive Chef of Ora d’Aria Restaurant Triennale di Milano (Cibo a Regola d’Arte)

Chef Fabio Picchi con persone

Fabio Picchi chef Restaurant Il Cibreo Florence Museo della Scienza (Cibo a Regola d’Arte)

Chef con bottiglia di oliotoscanoigp

A moment of preparation in the kitchen – 21 march 2013. God Save The Food Milano

Chef stabile al banco con olio toscano igp

Marco Stabile-Executive Chef of Ora d’Aria Restaurant GOD SAVE THE FOOD 21 march 2013 Milan.

rivista con immagini di piatti di cucina

GOD SAVE THE FOOD 21 march 2013 Milan


Great success for the launch of the Consortium in Milan last March. The adv campaign was supported by several events, in order to stress the quality and to raise the awareness around the Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil.

Two important happenings are held in Milan, where the Consortium had a main role : “Cibo a Regola D’Arte”Food at the Triennale of Milano and Museum of Science and Technology, and an event in the cool venue/restaurant God Save The Food located in Via Tortona.

Both of them showed in two different ways, how the extra virgin olive oil protected by the Consortium Toscano IGP, can be used in several fields. Through tasting, round table, conference and show cooking, the Consortium showed how to educate the consumer about the meaning of extra virgin olive oil.