The growth of little connoisseurs



The Consortium for the Protection of Toscano extra-virgin olive oil PGI, in collaboration with a group of Tuscan mothers with a passion for quality extra-virgin olive oil, has set-up the School Project: a voyage through the wonderful world of Toscano Extra-virgin olive oil PGI. In Italy we have the worrying distinction of the highest number of overweight and obese children in Europe. Ministry of Health monitoring reports (Okkio alla salute – 2010 data) reveal that amongst children in the 6 to 10 years age group, 12% are obese and 23.2% are overweight. For this reason we must commit ourselves to finding a solution and focus on good food education and consumer awareness. The project is aimed at children from 6 to 8 years, with the dual objective of promoting a return to simple and healthy nutrition, such as the classic “Bread and oil” snack, and teaching them to recognise Toscano Extra-virgin Olive Oil PGI: an oil with high levels of vitamin E and polyphenols, and low acidity levels.. This is the School Project: a journey involving the five senses of young students, encouraging them to learn through didactic charts, an illustrated fairytale and creative workshops, taking them on visits to olive growing farms and olive presses, and having them experience a genuine tasting session to recognise the perfumes and tastes of Toscano PGI, just like “real professionals”. In this way they learn to safeguard the territory and its products, to recognise a healthy food source, rich in important nutrients and obtained without chemical processing. And above all, they learn all this while enjoying themselves.