Zucchini and pies pie


For the dough
300 g of all purpose flour
50 ml Extra virgin olive oil Toscano PGI
A pinch of salt
3 g of fresh yeast

You can also use a ready made dough wit a rectangular shape

For the filling

2 zucchini
200 of fresh peas
1 spring onion
100 g of Taleggio or any other soft cheese
200 g of egg white or 2 eggs
30 g of grated parmigiano reggiano
Salt, pepper, nutmeg
Extra virgin olive oil Toscano PGI



For the dough: mix the flour and the salt, and add olive oil. Melt the yeast in a glass of water and then mix it with the flour. Knead the dough until you obtain a smooth and elastic texture, adding more water if needed.
Roll the dough and shape it into a rectangle of two cm of height.
Put the dough into a bread loaf pan previously lined with parchment paper and press carefully the dough into the edges, cutting the excess dough with a knife.
After punching the dough with a fork, cover it with a wet towel and let it rise for at least one hour.
Roll the exceeding dough and cut it into stripes, you will need it later to decorate the pie.

Slice the spring onion and dice the zucchini. Brown them with the peas in a pan with some olive oil. Add some salt, pepper and grated nutmeg and let it cook over a high heat for a few minutes. Add some water if needed.
Beat the egg whites until stiff.

Mix the vegetables, the diced cheese, the grated parmigiano reggiano, the 2 egg yolks (if you wish) and some olive oil in a bowl. At last add the whipped egg whites and mix gently with a wooden spoon.

Pour the mix into the loaf bread pan making sure you don’t reach the edge of it.
Fold gently the dough inward and decorate with the dough stripes.
Brush the dough with a little milk and bake it at a 180°C for approximately 40 minutes until the crust will reach a golden color.