I Guarantee

The campaign represents a cross section of the people, of the members that are part of the Consortium.

In the campaign we deliberately use images halfway between photographs  and portraits, because throughout history the portrait was the means of aristocracy to represent itself in iconic and immortal images.

In this case what is noble is the product, which consequently nobilities those who carry on the culture and cultivation of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil with commitment and dedication.

The Toscano PGI oil bears its origin in the name, and is therefore an effective and immediate vehicle for the “Made in Tuscany” stamp in the world, as much as, and perhaps even more so than other food and wine excellences of our region.

 We guarantee. The Consortium puts its face on it, the members of the Consortium guarantee the quality of the Toscano PGI extra virgin olive oil with their faces and names

I am Fabrizio, as President  of the Consortium I am the first to guarantee for you. I visit farms and companies, I talk to producers, organize useful activities for the members, to enhance the passage of information and cultural exchange between members. This is the only way to maintain and improve the quality of our Toscano PGI olive oil year after year.

I am Andrea, the youngest of all, to guarantee for you, and to represent all those young members of the Consortium, who have decided to focus their future on oil

I am Elisa and I represent the women entrepreneurs of olive oil,  the quota of women involved in quality olive growing. I guarantee for you and for all the other attentive and determined women members of the Consortium.

I am Paolo and I guarantee for you and for all those producers of Toscano PGI oil like me, who bet on this product and won the bet, bringing the product to tables all over the world.

It’s me Raffaello and I guarantee for you with my long experience in this field, and with me are all those pioneer olive growers, who are custodians of olive oil techniques and tradition of our territory.

I am Anita and I guarantee for you as a researcher. Because Toscano PGI oil is also the result of constant and careful collaboration with various research institutes, for the experimentation and development of new cultivation and extraction techniques.
All together we guarantee.

What you have to do is simply trust us.

Intervention carried out with co-financing FEASR of the Region of Tuscany’s Rural Development Program 2014-2020 – sub measure 3.2.